Be Proactive This Fall

The onset of fall brings with it many weekend warrior projects for a lot of us. Cleaning out flower beds, performing other landscaping projects or preparing lawns and trees for winter these are all things looming large on the “to do” list.  Additionally, we are looking ahead to what winter has in store for us in the way of snow!  We may be checking the Farmer’s Almanac to see how many substantial snowfalls our area might be likely to receive this winter season, making sure the snowblower has enough gasoline and putting those shovels and salt upfront in an easily accessible spot in the garage. One thing that should be on our minds is how to be proactive this fall to protect against injury.

Proactivity in the New Season

As we are moving into the seasons of being physical with shoveling, weeding, bending, squatting, lifting, pushing/pulling, and digging after a summer of relaxation can lead many weekend warriors to injury.   Lower back pain is very common after shoveling, mulching, repetitive bending while working in the garden, pushing and pulling a wheelbarrow, or shoveling snow.  Shoulder pain, knee pain, elbow pain, and neck pain are also very commonly reported by folks to their primary care doctors after their physical activities outweigh their level of physical FITNESS and/or preparedness. 

This year, vow to be different, be proactive……..look out for your safety and AVOID injury! The following link has some great information about how to safely perform some common fall and winter tasks.   Moving your body properly is one of the keys to avoiding strain to your muscles and joints and allowing you to have a stress-free fall and winter season.  Check out this article that explores how!

Rehab at Work Can Help You Be Proactive This Fall

If your goal to be proactive and avoid injury is unsuccessful, consider a personal consultation with a trained Physical Therapist at REHAB AT WORK. Our therapists will provide a customized approach to address the specific muscular, postural, or ergonomic concerns associated with your pain. REHAB AT WORK has 10 offices across the DC, Maryland, and Virginia areas. Contact us today for your consultation

Article by Nancy David, PT