Worksite Services

Work Site Services in Maryland, Virginia and the D.C. Area

Work Site Service is rehab in the real situation. Work simulation with real tools and in the real workplace can provide the injured worker and the employer the confidence that returning to work will be safe and successful. REHAB AT WORK has specially trained staff who will go to your actual job site to assist the injured worker in their work environment.

Post Offer Employment Testing (POET)

A specialized, 2-part test that evaluates a potential employees musculoskeletal/cardiovascular ability and their functional capabilities.  The findings are then compared to the critical job demands of the specific job the employee is trying to achieve

Functional Job Analysis

An analysis of a job, to measure and break down each essential job task (weights, forces, sizes, repetitions, and durations) and describe them in detail.  This is utilized to develop job descriptions, assist with restricted duty programs, initial step in developing a POET.  This also helps to hire the correct person.

Ergonomic Job Analysis

An evaluation to address the risk factors that are associated with a job.  This is normal performed for an employee having reports of symptoms or a returning employee with anticipated problems.

Return to Work Evaluation

An objective testing protocol would be developed to determine the employee’s readiness to return to work safely following an absence from their job.  Similar to a POET, this would follow a comprehensive assessment of the physical demands of your job’s essential functions.  Working together to answer the needs of a safer workforce while remaining in compliance with EEOC, ADA, and existing employment case law.

Job Coaching

A therapist observes a worker performing a job and make recommendations to assist them to successfully return to work.

Transition to Work Program

A program that includes several components depending on the need of the individual injured worker.  It may include a FCE, Work Hardening/Conditioning, and/or Work Site Ergonomic Analysis.  This service is used with job coaching, a team meeting with the with the supervisor, employer, case manager and physician to transition the injured worker back to work.

Injury Prevention Programs

A customized designed program that provides on the job educational and fitness programs for an employers.  This provides their employees with education and training to help reduce worker injuries and lost workdays of production.  A therapist teaches body mechanics, ergonomics, pre-work stretching or alternate posturing to a group of workers.

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