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For Case Managers in Maryland, Virginia, and the DC Area

It’s Our RESULTS That Work

The outpatient Physical Therapy and Industrial Rehabilitation programs at REHAB AT WORK are effective and efficient. Statistics prove that proactive, functionally oriented therapy saves Workers’ Compensation dollars and significantly increase the likelihood for an employee’s successful return to the workplace. We provide results oriented care which is essential for efficient case resolution. Our well trained and experienced clinicians are committed to providing personalized and individual care to each patient. We are focused on improving function and performance, and providing objective research-based documentation and timely communication for our clients.

Benefits to You:

  • Decreased lost work days
  • Lowered Workers’ Compensation costs
  • Faster claim resolution
  • Increased functional abilities to individualized treatment programs
  • Improve workplace tolerances to return to work full time and lower costs
  • Modify essential job tasks to reduce lost work days
  • Recommendations for appropriate treatments and options to resolve claims

Networks We Belong To:

  • Concentra
  • Corvel Care IQ
  • Corvel Corporation
  • Med Risk
  • Optum Health (One Net)
  • Sedgwick
  • Select Medical Providers
  • Tech Health
  • Universal Smart Comp

Case managers, welcome to our team! We understand that you sometimes just need a quiet spot to use your phone and computer in between appointments, or a safe convenient location to meet with your clients. REHAB AT WORK invites you to visit any of our centrally located clinics while you are on the move! 

REHAB AT WORK has both clinical and administrative bilingual staff at multiple locations. If this service is required, we will do our best to accomodate your needs.

Transportation is available for Industrial Rehabilitation services at some locations.

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