Sean Gorman, PT, DPT

Clinic Manager



Since earning his Doctorate of Physical Therapy, Sean’s clinical experience as a Physical Therapist has been in the fields of outpatient and orthopedic physical therapy, treating neuromuscular and musculoskeletal injuries to the extremities and the spine. He has treated patients for return to work, sports medicine, and general improvement of overall lifestyle, among whom have been teens, adults and seniors. 

Professional Activities:

Sean has continued to expand his knowledge in the Physical Therapy field through completing Continuing Education courses for Lumbar spine, Sacroiliac joints, Cervical/Thoracic spine and ribs, Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilizations with HawkGrips tools, and TRX sports medicine exercise. He has also been trained to perform Functional Capacity Evaluations and Impairment Ratings.


“I believe that everyone has the ability to reach their peak functional ability and performance by eliminating movement dysfunction and improving and strengthening proper human biomechanics.”


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