Guy Seeley, PT:

Location Manager


Professional Activities

Guy brings over 27 years of experience in orthopedic Physical Therapy to the practice. He has practiced in hospitals, occupational health facilities and private practices in Pennsylvania and Maryland. He has extensive experience in sports medicine, aquatic therapy and industrial medicine.  His favorite area of expertise has been working with injured workers and he has made this his specialty. Often, this work has taken him out of the clinic and directly into the workplace. There, he has seen first-hand many different physical work environments and he has had the opportunity to observe the various physical demands placed on workers’ bodies. He has worked with some large employers to develop and implement ergonomic and injury prevention programs. He has a special interest in teaching and training. He has spoken in front of many large groups throughout the country and in his practice he enjoys speaking to smaller groups on a daily basis.


My philosophies are three fold.  One being knowledge is power.  “The better my patients understand their bodies and their injuries, the more effective I can be with my treatments.  If I ask you to do an exercise, why would you do it unless you truly understand how it will benefit your?”  Secondly, One size does not fit all:  “Each person is an individual with their own set of circumstances.  What works for one person does not necessarily work for someone else.”  And finally, Treatment should be an evolving process.  “After my treatments start, I need to pay attention to you and consider your response to treatment and adjust it according to your symptoms and your body’s physical response.”