Client Feedback Questionnaire Waldorf

  • Dear REHAB AT WORK Client: In order to provide the most complete report possible, with the most appropriate recommendations, we ask that you contact our office the business day following your appointment, during our regular hours (8:00 - 4:00 pm), to inform us of your body response as well as to address any other questions you might have. Please follow the instructions given to you today by your therapist. We want you to know that " It's Your RESULTS That MATTER" and our mission is "To keep the care in healthcare by always putting people first". In order to follow through with our mission, we are asking you to take a few moments to fill out this confidential questionnaire. Please feel free to place it in the suggestion box in the waiting room or mail it directly to our corporate office: REHAB AT WORK - Corporate Attn: Shannon Hart 51 Monroe Street, Suite 1207 Rockville, Maryland 20850
  • Please rate your degree of satisfaction to the following