Snow Shoveling: Does the Shovel Matter?

Here in the northeast the winter season brings new fashion trends, warmed beverages, ice skating, freezing temperatures, and ultimately snow. While all sorts of fun activities can come with snow (building snowmen, snow forts, sledding, etc.), it is inevitable that someone or something will need to shovel that snow off driveways, sidewalks, and streets. We often hear about how we should shovel snow, being mindful of our body mechanics and taking rest breaks throughout the process to protect our backs and joints, but is there anything else we can do (other than outsourcing the work J)? Our mechanics and pacing our activity are both vital to remaining unscathed when shoveling snow, but what if we went a step further and took a closer look at the equipment or tools we choose to use? Could the right equipment help us work smarter not harder?

Check out this article from Science Direct that explores these questions further.

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