Work Site Services in Maryland, Virginia and the D.C. Area

Work Site Service is rehab in the real situation. Work simulation with real tools and in the real workplace can provide the injured worker and the employer the confidence that returning to work will be safe and successful. REHAB AT WORK has specially trained staff who will go to the actual job site to assist the injured worker in their work environment.

Workers on top of roofFunctional Job Assessment

An evaluation of a particular job is performed to determine its critical demands. This assessment, along with a detailed job description, will provide a complete report of the physical functions that are required of the position.

Work Site Ergonomic Analysis

An analysis of a specific job is performed to identify and address the ergonomic risk factors that are associated with the work. The information is collected through objective measurements from the job site. Recommendations and modifications are given to assist in lowering the risk of injury or reoccurrence of symptoms for all employees performing this position.

Work Site Functional Capacity Evaluation

The FCE is performed at the job site with the injured worker. This allows the therapist to evaluate the worker using the required equipment and tools needed to perform the actual job function.

Transition to Work Programs

The Transition to Work program can include several components depending on the need of the injured worker. It could include an FCE, Work Hardening and/or Work Conditioning, and/or Work Site Ergonomic Analysis. These services are used with Job Coaching and a Team Meeting with the supervisor, employer, case manager and physician to transition the injured worker back to work.

Injury Prevention Programs

We design and provide on the job educational and fitness programs for employers, providing their employees with education and training to help reduce worker injuries and lost workdays of production for the employer.

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