Impairment Rating Evaluations in Maryland & Virginia

What is an Impairment Rating Evaluation?

An Impairment Rating Evaluation, sometimes referred to as an IRE, is a number assigned to the patient in the form of a percentage which aims to represent the degree of an individual’s impairment, as compared against one’s normal health status and functionality.

When is an Impairment Rating Evaluation Performed?

Once an employee has collected 104 weeks worth of benefits from their injury, an Impairment Rating Evaluation will need to be performed within 60 days. This will be mandated by the insurance company in question.

What Can I Expect During My IRE?

During an Impairment Rating Evaluation, a doctor will examine the patient and review their medical records. In order for the IRE to be considered valid, the physician administering the IRE must use the latest version of the Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment to determine the exact disability rating.

Impairment vs. Disability: What’s the Difference?

Impairment and disability may seem like similar concepts, and though they concern similar concepts, they measure different things. To measure the impairment of a patient’s injury or condition, a percentage is prescribed based on how much the patient is restricted by the impairment. A disability, on the other hand, is the consequence of an impairment. For example, let’s say a worker sustains an elbow injury. An Impairment Rating Evaluation may place the worker’s Impairment Rating at 30%. The disability in this situation would be the patient’s inability to use their arm fully. Notice that a disability is never presented as a percentage.

REHAB AT WORK Offers IREs At Nine Locations Across Virginia and Maryland

REHAB AT WORK specializes in working with employees, employers, and insurance companies to complete the necessary tasks & evaluations associated with workplace-related injuries. If you have a question about IREs for our specialists, or if you would like to schedule an IRE for yourself or an employee, give us a call at (888) 827-6361 today.

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