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10 Workplace Injuries That Require Immediate Treatment

According to the National Safety Council, a worker is injured on the job every 7 seconds. That is a lot of injuries and a lot of missed work days.

In order to reduce workplace injuries, both employers and employees should pay attention to safety regulations, keep up to date with training, and provide and wear safety equipment. It’s possible that the 10 workplace injuries that require immediate treatment can be reduced. 

The 3 Most Common Injuries That Require Immediate Treatment

Preventable action is the best defense of workplace injuries. Good training, clear signage, and access to safety equipment and gear can reduce the amount of time employees may miss from work. 

Over Exertion

Over a third of all injuries are a result of over exertion from lifting, lowering, or other repetitive actions. Proper training of how to lift heavy objects, especially when doing it all day long, can drastically reduce these types of injuries. Never bend, lift and twist at the same time when trying to move a heavy object. Muscle strains and back injuries can become long term chronic injuries that individuals will have no choice but to suffer for many through of their life. Over exertion is also the most expensive injury accounting for $3.4 million in benefit costs each year.

Contact with Heavy Equipment

A full 26% of all injuries are due to being struck by or against an object or some type equipment, which can also include equipment falling on someone. These serious injuries must be treated immediately by a medical professional. More minor injuries may occur if a person’s hair or fingers get caught in the equipment when the proper safety gear is not worn or if hair is not pulled back.

Slips, Trips, and Falls 

Falling in the workplace makes up another 26% of workplace injuries. Keeping work areas free of hazards, slippery areas, and installing highly visible warnings can help prevent these types of injuries and lost time at work. This can also include falling from ladders or scaffolding.

More Common Workplace Injuries

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  • Cuts and lacerations can occur from power saws, punctures, or whenever an employee is not using proper equipment or safety gear.
  • Injuries are also known to occur in less labor-intensive positions. Employees working in an office should use ergonomic chairs and keyboards to prevent back strains, carpal tunnel syndrome, and vision issues. Reminding individuals to take short breaks throughout the day can also help to alleviate some of these potential pains.
  • On the job violence is becoming more common. Arguments and fights between co-workers can escalate into a dangerous situation. Proper training should be given on how to deescalate these instances, and instruct employees to be diligent in noticing unusual or suspicious activities.
  • Toxic fumes can be dangerous for a worker’s eyes and skin. Essential equipment and gear like goggles should be readily available at all times.
  • Very loud noises can lead to industrial deafness in certain workplaces. This can be avoided by providing ear protection and requiring that all employees make use of their safety equipment.
  • Getting hit by falling objects can cause serious injuries, especially if the individual or others in the workplace are unprepared to handle this kind of emergent situation.
  • Crashes and collisions when using equipment like forklifts, cars, or trucks is another common accident that requires immediate treatment. 

It is imperative that both employers and employees remain diligent and follow all safety protocols as instructed.  Protective equipment is also crucial to avoiding even the most common workplace injuries.

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