Is There a Link Between Poor Sleep and Spikes in Blood Pressure?

In Science Daily’s new paid study by the University of Arizona, a bad night’s sleep may results in a spike in blood pressure that night, and the following day. Participants in the study reported high blood pressure and systolic blood pressure from not getting proper sleep. Blood pressure is one of the key indicators of cardiovascular health. This study reinforces just how important a good night’s sleep can be. It’s not just the amount of time you spend staying in bed, it’s the quality of sleep you’re getting.

The UA Department of Psychology stated “There is a lot of literature out there that shows sleep has some kind of impact on cardiovascular disease”.

How Can I Sleep Better?

Sleep is important as it is the body’s time to heal, energize, and rejuvenate. Building good sleep habits are worth prioritizing as there can be many benefits, like improving heart health.  Try staying off your phone right before bed, as this stimulation may negatively impact your sleep cycle.

How Can Rehab At Work Help?

In our clinics, we routinely screen our patients for high blood pressure, whether it’s for a physical/occupational therapy evaluation, or an FCE/work hardening program. It’s quite alarming to see a growing number of patients are found to have hypertension. Sometimes, patients have no idea until our screening that they have high blood pressure. We educate our patients about the importance of getting proper sleep as it can help manage symptoms of chronic pain, and decrease blood pressure.


Article written by: Guy Seely, PT