Darla Croce, RKT

Director of Business Development



Darla Croce has treated in the field of outpatient therapy and sports medicine since 1993. She began her practice in California as a therapist for two years in an orthopedic therapy setting. Thereafter, she has focused her experience working and supporting the recovery of injured workers. In 1995 she joined the REHAB AT WORK team, and has since been an integral member having held the positions of Work Hardening Coordinator, Clinic Manager, Regional Manager and Director of Marketing and Quality Assurance. Darla currently holds the position of Director of Business Development.

Professional Activities:

In 2008 she held the position of President of CARPPS-Chesapeake Association of Rehab Professionals in the Private Sector. Darla currently serves as Secretary of the organization. She has been a member of IARPS-International Association of Rehabilitation Professionals. Darla has presented in-services locally and nationally.


“I emphasize active therapy because our bodies respond well to new physical demands by becoming stronger, more flexible and less symptomatic. The most important part of my practice is helping you to help yourself.”


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